Rain chances end for several days, dry spell resumes; September-like stretch begins

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It was the LARGEST single day rainfall in Indianapolis in 31 days but amounts were not evenly distributed.  Many of us missed out on real appreciable rainfall. The exception, Lafayette where 1.57" of rainfall measured since midnight.
You can see how localized the rain was early Tuesday - with the southwest side receiving the most rain and it fell into the rain gauge that resides at the airport. I'm posting the radar estimated and accumulated rainfall maps below.
That rain today brought our monthly total to a mere .49" and that is the same total for the past 26 days.
It certainly helped but not nearly enough to dent the deficit which is still well over 2" below the normal for the dates!
Behind a south bound cold front a delightful stretch of mild weather will be ushered in. There is no rain coming for several days but the humidity will dive and temperatures will cool to September-like levels through the weekend!  Outlying areas may even get chilly as low temperature could easily dip into the 40s early Friday and Saturday morning.  The next rain chances is not forecast until late Monday and Tuesday of next week.