Women who believe Johnson & Johnson baby powder is linked to their cancer turn to local firm

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- A California woman just won a record-breaking lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson. The jury awarded here $417 million after she claimed she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer after using their baby powder for decades.

Now, we’re learning there's a law firm right here in Indianapolis helping women who also believe their cancer is linked to talcum powder.

"There are about 5,000 claims pending against Johnson & Johnson for their products causing ovarian cancer. And we represent hundreds of women across the country and here in Indiana," said Takeena Thompson, attorney at Cohen & Malad, LLP.

Thompson says Cohen & Malad gets calls every day from women with ovarian cancer wanting to join their mass tort action lawsuit. Their team believes the record-breaking verdict from California will fuel their fight.

"I think the jury is sending a message to Johnson & Johnson. The jury obviously was upset that the company placed profits above people and they wanted to hold the corporation accountable for the harm they caused the plaintiff," Thompson said.

Johnson & Johnson released a statement saying they plan to appeal the verdict because they are guided by science which supports the safety of their baby powder.

"There are internal Johnson & Johnson documents that show that they were aware as early as the 70's that there was an increased risk of cancer associated with the talcum powder products and they did not warn consumers. They did not warn these women," Thompson said.

With thousands of women and babies still using this product every day, Thompson says she just wants to get the word out and fight for clients whose lives have been forever changed.

"When you talk to these women, you see they've been using it, thinking it's safe the same way they use other products like brushing your teeth and it's been passed down from their mothers and their grandmothers."

Cohen & Malad has been working on talcum powder litigation for nearly two years and have taken seven cases to trial.

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