Boosterville makes local fundraising easier with new program

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - Most people remember selling magazines or candy at one point in their life to raise money for a local program or sports team.  It can be time consuming and often times much of the money doesn't go toward your goal, charity or team.

But, there's a local program that's aiming to change that.  It's called Boosterville.  It's a fundraising program that connects cause driven buyers with businesses to raise funds for their favorite non-profit.  Those non-profits include things like school teams.

"We're trying to collect money and order products, so we're sending girls out door to door, which is not a good, good idea," said Rick Owens with North Central varsity softball.

Owens say it's time consuming and they often spend far more time fund raising than they should.  That's when a parent told him about Boosterville, which is home based in Zionsville.

"We found we are often selling $50,000 worth of stuff to raise $20,000 for the school.  So we said, let's just put some technology around this ancient solution and get money directly into the kids hands," said Pam Cooper, CEO Boosterville.

And it couldn't be much simpler, according to Boosterville's operations director.  Here's an example that basically just involves a text to a phone number, if you want to give.

"Text to this number, 317-333-6764 and then enter a specific code. In this case, the code is DONATE 102958 which is for North Central women's softball team.  And when you text that, you will get an automatic text back saying thank you for making a donation," said Emily Blyze with Boosterville.

That's if you want to donate directly to a non profit.  Businesses can also help out by signing up to donate part of their proceeds.

"It's a really easy way for us to donate to different organizations and people get to pick what they are interested in.  It just makes you feel really great to give back and do it in such a simple say," said Gavin Baugh, who owns a Hotbox franchise.

Baugh's Hotbox franchise does a 10% donation on a minimum $10 donation, which the people at Boosterville say is very generous.  But there is no specific percentage or amount required for businesses to help.  For customers, it’s easy to buy and give at the same time.  It's just a one time set up with a credit card.

Create an account, and then make purchases for things you want at Boosterville businesses.

And they have plenty of businesses on their Boosterville App to choose from.  Whether registering to be a booster, or buying from a Boosterville business, it just takes a few steps you can find on the app or at