Indiana’s weekend forecast and Hurricane Harvey makes landfall tonight

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Skies are mainly clear across the state and temperatures, yet again, have settled into the lower 50s in most locations. A great, bright, comfortable start to this Friday and a fantastic weekend ahead! No major changes for today, Saturday or Sunday. Mostly sunny skies should reign supreme and temperatures each day a little warmer...enjoy!

Hurricane Harvey is still on target with landfall this evening for southern Texas! Could strengthen to a Category 3 before landing, producing wind gusts up 120+ mph, just onshore, along with a dangerous, 6-foot storm surge. The biggest threat is the potential for historic flooding...the National Hurricane Center believes that average rainfall totals of 15" to 25", with local totals up to 35"! That is a massive amount of rainfall for any city or state to handle in a short period of time (today through Wednesday).