Noblesville engineering firm donates volunteers, equipment for clean up of White River watershed

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NOBLESVILLE, Ind. – A local engineering firm announced a partnership to help clean up storm water infrastructure at the White River and Morse Reservoir.

Golars Environmental teamed up with the City of Noblesville and the White River Alliance, a non-profit, to spearhead the effort. In addition to the clean up, they seek to engage the public and improve water quality in the White River watershed.

55 Golars employees formed ten five-person teams to maintain storm water drains in the North Harbour and South Harbour neighborhoods.

The ten teams used heavy equipment and golf carts to identify, mark, maintain and improve as many of the 400 storm drains in the two suburban neighborhoods as possible.

The neighborhoods border the White River and Morse Reservoir, two critical sources of drinking water for thousands of Hoosiers.

Unlike waste water, which gets treated before being discharged into the White River and other waterways, storm water run-off flows directly from streets, yards and drainage ditches directly into these waterways.

“As environmental engineers and central Indiana residents, we are very dedicated to preserving the natural environment and improving our community’s quality of life,” said Om Narla, founder and chief executive officer of Golars. “We’re glad to volunteer our time and expertise for these clean up activities while educating the public about the issues affecting water quality in and along the White River and its watershed.”

Founded in 2009, Golars is reportedly the seventh-largest environmental firm in Indiana.