More Hoosier resources heading to help in Texas

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- More local resources are being sent to Texas to help with relief efforts and officials say there’s a good chance even more will be heading that way in the coming days.

The Red Cross said it has increased the number of Hoosiers heading to provide help, and the leader of Indiana’s Task Force One also said more of their resources could be needed, too.

“All the FEMA resources are staged in San Antonio on the northwest boundary of the storm,” said Tom Neal of Indiana Task Force One. Neal is helping coordinate relief efforts from his base in College Station, Texas.

As of Fiiday, the Red Cross had sent 11 people from Indiana to help, but by Saturday that number had jumped to 26.

“We certainly anticipate that number increasing as the days get longer and I’m sure the need is going to increase,” said Duchess Adjei of the Red Cross of Central Indiana.

The Red Cross is still accepting volunteers who want to get trained and head down to Texas to help. They say it’s likely more emergency responders will be called up in the coming days.

For Hoosiers with family in disaster zone, experts say it’s not too late to make a plan to keep in touch.

“Just check in on them about once every 12 hours,” said Neal, “have a designated time that they’ll call them, and if they move to a shelter, that they let someone in their family know.