Indiana Task Force One deploys to Texas disaster zone

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INDIANAPOLIS—Indiana Task Force One team members have been on standby since early last week.

Sunday night their relief caravan pulled out, headed to the disaster zone.

Fourteen Hoosiers are ready to respond along with boats and medical supplies.

When the orders to move come in, the responders from Indiana’s Task Force One are ready, gearing up to face Harvey’s historic devastation.

As Sunday’s rains continued to fall in Texas, Federal officials made the call that specialized water rescue teams were needed in Texas fast.

Within a window of just a few hours, the team was assembled and their trucks were loaded up to  hit the road.

When they get down there they`ll get their assignments and go to work.

How long they stay depends on how bad things get.

The typical deployment is 11 days, but they were told it may be up to 14 depending on how long this system stalls where it`s at.

Along with the team of responders, there are trucks full of emergency gear, rescue equipment, and boats; four  hard bottom craft and two inflatable Zodiacs for swift currents.

The  team is heading to Katy, Texas, a suburb of Houston.

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