Indiana water rescue teams heads to Texas

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- A second unit from Indiana’s Task Force One is on the road, heading to Texas to help with the relief efforts. Sunday afternoon, the task force’s specialized water rescue team keep got its orders to deploy.

Federal officials with FEMA made the call that specialized water rescue teams were needed in Texas as conditions deteriorate.

“When we get down there they’ll give us our assignments and we’ll go to work,” said responder Tim Lavin. He is also an Indianapolis firefighter and this will be his first deployment.

“The typical deployment is eleven days,” said Lavin, “we were told maybe up to 14 depending on how long this system stalls where it’s at.”

Along with the team of fourteen responders, there are also trucks full of emergency gear, rescue equipment and boats.

“Any time that we’re operating in water it’s hazardous because what you can see on top is one thing, but what you can’t see is what’s hidden beneath the water’s surface,” said responder Jay Settergren.

This team will be heading to Katy, Texas, a suburb of Houston that has been hit hard. However, officials said depending on conditions, their arrival point could change even before they get there, simply because this situation is still so fluid.

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