Art & design showcase opens in Columbus

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COLUMBUS, Ind.-Columbus is best-known for its unique architecture, but it's now getting attention for several new art installations.

The project is called “Exhibit Columbus.”

Organizers say the city-wide showcase represents the past, present, and future of design.

In total, there are 18 installations that you can check out for free through the end of November.

Some of the pieces, like “Between the Threads,” are even interactive.

One local woman explained this is a great way to get engage children in the arts.

“Something they can feel, and touch, and see. Like “Between the Threads,” they can run through it and have a bunch of fun,” said Shelly Rynerson, a Columbus resident.

Professional and amateur artists, architects, and even some local students designed pieces for “Exhibit Columbus.”

To learn more about “Exhibit Columbus,” click here.