Slim rain chances next 24 hours but will remnants of “Harvey” help?

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Nice to have the rain early but it certainly is not enough. NOW -2.71" below normal in the rainfall department since July 28th.  It is the 9th driest August to date and the driest for these dates since 1964.

The month of August is running -2.21" below normal in Indianapolis and -2.61" in Bloomington.

Keep watering, there are rain chances over the next 24 hours but once again these will be very hit and miss. The rain coverage will peak Tuesday afternoon to 30-35% of the area - meaning many will miss out on the rainfall.

I'm posting below the latest RPM forecast radar for 5 PM Tuesday. Location of the storms are very suspect but the take away here is the lack of coverage and the random nature of the picture being painted by the machine.


We are still assessing the rainfall prospects from the remnants of Harvey later in the week and will have a clearer picture by Wednesday.

I'm also posting the latest radar estimated rainfall in southeast Texas. The fear all along was for rainfall amounts to exceed 30-35" and reports from northeast and northwest of Houston of 34" to 39". (39.72" Dayton and 34.90" Waller). Rainfall continues to fall with additional 15 to 25" of rainfall possible in southeast Texas.