Record rainfall for the US from Harvey; Rain here from the storm still to be determined

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The pain from hurricane Harvey will grow for many in Texas and our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out for all those impacted. It will take months if not years for some to get back on their feet.

The rainfall amounts are staggering, reaching 50" in some locations. The totals are the highest ever recorded in the state of Texas and have now set a all-time total rainfall record from a tropical system in the contiguous US.  51.88" has been recorded east of Houston as of 4 pm in Cedar Bayou.

Harvey is to make another landfall tonight and start a northeast trek that could bring remnants to Indiana. The jury is still out as of this post Tuesday night whether those rain will indeed reach central Indiana. The latest RPM model into he weather center brings the precipitation shield as far north as southern Indiana Friday then departing early Saturday - we will monitor.


We needed the rain and certainly could use more! The overnight thunderstorm produce over 1" of rain at the airport and over 2" in downtown Indianapolis. The 24 hour rain total of 1.28" is the most in 50 days. Many locations were not as lucky. The deficit is still over 2" in Bloomignton and it will grow.

There are few rain chances coming through Thursday. Focus will be on Friday rain potential from "Harvey"