First Church of Cannabis founder in mourning after pet peacock murdered

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Photo by Michelle Pemberton with the IndyStar

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – First Church of Cannabis founder Bill Levin is in mourning after his pet peacock was brutally murdered, the IndyStar writer Amy Bartner reports.

Levin says he came home one day to find the 13-year-old bird, named Bert, dead under a bush.

“Bert’s dead, and he’s separated from his feathers,” Levin told IndyStar. “The way I found his body, it looks like somebody stood on his rib cage and pulled his feathers out. They then took Bert, swung him by the tail, hit his head on the pavement. There was a gravel beating on one side of his face.”

Levin has ruled out an animal or dog attack because there were no puncture wounds and no blood anywhere. He believes that someone in the neighborhood killed Bert. Levin says he filed a police report, and IMPD told IndyStar the animal cruelty investigation in ongoing.

Levin, who lives on the city’s north side, says he he got along well with all of his neighbors before he started the First Church of Cannabis.

“All of a sudden some of the people in the neighborhood decided they didn’t like me because I didn’t have a church of Jesus,” Levin told IndyStar. “A couple of the neighbors stopped talking to me.”

This story was reported by IndyStar reporter Amy Bartner. Read the full story and watch video here.