Indiana State Police warn of scam callers collecting for Harvey victims

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Harsher-than-normal phone scam fooling Hoosiers

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The Indiana State Police are warning Hoosiers to be careful after concerned citizens have reported being contacted by scammers claiming to be ISP representatives collecting for Hurricane Harvey victims.

State police say that they are not contacting citizens by telephone requesting funds for Harvey victims. Callers have reported scammers trying solicit funds through telephone calls masked by caller ID spoofing.

The spoofing allows scammers to have their number appear as a State police phone number on someone’s caller ID, even though it’s not really coming from ISP.

Police feel that a well-informed public with a healthy dose of mistrust is the best defense in combating phone scammers and wants to remind everyone that these phone scams and cybercrimes are becoming commonplace.

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