Our weather takes a cool turn; String of stunning days coming as Irma churns toward Florida

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What a change! Hope you enjoyed the warm Labor Day temperatures, the temperatures have taken a real dive again behind last night's cold front. Some locations are over 20-degrees cooler than the same time Monday.

Much like the start of the month - a October-like feel returns Wednesday. Afternoon temperatures may fail to reach the 70-degree mark and it is looking like it will be the coolest September 6th in 55 years. The record coolest high for the day is 66-degrees set in 1962. our forecast of 66 would tie and is more typical of a October 10th.


Have you noticed the hazy, red sunsets here recently?  Wildfires out west are behind those picturesque sets here. The northwest wind flow aloft has carried the smoke plumes east into the eastern US over the past few days.


Tensions are rising in Florida as a massive hurricane churns in the Atlantic. IRMA has reached category 5 status with 185 mph sustained winds and continues to barrel northeast toward the Leeward Islands late Tuesday. At this time it will continue int northwest track and possibly reach the Florida Keys early Sunday morning.

There is consensus among the various computer models as to where it will go next 96 hours then all bets are off. A turn north is depicted by many among the so called 'spaghetti plots' - a massive ensemble of various computer generated storm tracks, I'm posting below the official National Hurricane forecast through 120 hours and a sample of the spaghetti models too.

The tropics are active with now potentially three named storms ongoing in the Gulf and Atlantic. Behind IRMA is JOSE and in the gulf, the makings of tropical storm KATIA. Concerns along the Texas coast are rising again and will be monitored.

When the tropics get active and log jam develops in the weather patterns across north America. Often a 'tropical traffic jam' results in a extended spell of sunny and beautiful weather here. Beyond Wednesday afternoon shower chances, a string of nice days are forecast here into early next week!

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