Bartholomew County Jail flooded, staff injured by inmate throwing metal rods

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Photo provided by Sheriff Matthew Myers

BARTHOLOMEW COUNTY, Ind. – The Bartholomew County Jail was flooded and several staff members were injured by an inmate over Labor Day weekend.

According to Bartholomew County Sheriff Matthew Myers, inmate Joe Reed had kicked out a section of his cell door on Monday, and he was moved to confinement pending disciplinary review.

Also on Monday, inmate Jordan Rhoades kicked out a section of his cell door and tore apart the bottom of the grated door. He used the metal rods from the door as dangerous weapons, throwing them and injuring three staff members. He stopped after they deployed tasers at him.

The staff members were treated, and none of their injuries were considered life threatening.

Rhoades is also in confinement pending disciplinary review.

In a separate incident, inmates flooded a portion of the jail, causing significant damage. Myers says the inmates blocked the bottom of their cell doors and allowed showers and toilets to overflow. When they released the water, it flooded several levels of the facility, including Work Release.

Myers says he believes overcrowding is the root of the disciplinary issues at the jail.

“Overcrowding, although beyond our control, has increased tensions. The jail has been damaged and my staff has been hurt… If the incidents which occurred over the past weekend are not powerful enough evidence to show the need to increase our staffing levels and to provide additional operational space, I don’t what is,” Myers said.