Greenwood police pursuing leads after more downtown vandalism

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GREENWOOD, Ind. – Another case of destructive vandalism in downtown Greenwood has police pursuing possible leads, and another business considering increased security measures.

On Monday afternoon, employees at Kenny’s Transmissions discovered six vehicles on their lot had been severely damaged sometime over Labor Day Weekend. The vehicles had smashed windshields, headlights, taillights and rearview mirrors.

“Sick, just why would somebody do this kind of destruction,” said manager, Mike Blumenschein. “I mean these are people’s vehicles.”

Blumenschein says several of the cars also had new dents and scratches on their hoods and doors. One car also had a shattered sunroof. The retractable top on a convertible had been ripped off. One of the damaged vehicles was a disabled customer’s wheelchair accessible van.

“It’s disappointing that it happens in downtown Greenwood,” Blumenschein said. “We have very few issues down here. We’ve been here since 1982 and not had any problems like this.”

The damage at Kenny’s Transmissions happened right next door to Greenwood’s City Center building, where government offices are housed. The location, in Greenwood’s Market Plaza, has been the site of several recent vandalism cases being investigated by police.

In July, The Suds drive-in was targeted by vandals for the second time this summer. The vandals shattered glass lighting fixtures, knocked over a large bear statue and ripped table tops in the outdoor dining area. Nearby security cameras captured five juveniles running from the area at the time the vandalism is believed to have happened.

Greenwood police have not made any arrests in either case, but they say the individuals in the July video footage could be connected to both.

“We do have a couple names that have been reported to detectives that they’re investigating on the previous criminal activity,” said Officer Kortney Burrello. “So maybe this is going to tie into that situation and maybe be the same individuals. We don’t know that at this time, but it could possibly be linked.”

Burrello said detectives will be reaching out to the parents and guardians of juveniles suspected of possible involvement in the vandalism at The Suds.

Before the vandalism at The Suds, vandals also left spray paint graffiti on Greenwood’s historic Polk Building, and several other business buildings along Main Street.

Burrello said Greenwood police have increased patrols and surveillance in the Market Plaza area since vandalism reports starting coming in over the summer. But the department doesn’t have the manpower to post an officer there 24 hours a day.

“We can’t just hang out there, we have an entire city to patrol,” Burrello said. “They can be down there for three hours and as soon as they pull away, the kids are up to no good.”

In the meantime, Blumenschein says Kenny’s Transmissions will likely be implementing more private security measures in the near future.

“Whether that means personnel waiting around in the lot, or more cameras,” Blumenschein said.