Summer isn’t over but October-like feel continues; Irma roars on, track updated

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It is still summer but what a morning. This was the COOLEST night since May 22 (107 days) with low of 47-degrees in Indianapolis. Normal low for October 7th.  The month opened with wind and rain along with a high temperature in the upper 60s!  Five of the first six days have been below normal.

The high temperature today didn't reach 70-degrees 68 officially at  1:49 pm - only the 10th time on record that the a September 6th did not reach 70° most recently 2011 (69-degrees).

Temperatures are and will remain below normal for a stretch but after the rain chances this afternoon we will be dry and sunny right through the weekend!  A beautiful stretch is coming starting Thursday and lasting into Monday of next week.

We still need rain and with the exception of a few showers this afternoon and evening there are no rain chance again until next week when the remnants of IRMA potentially reach the Ohio Valley - that's not a sure thing.


The latest on IRMA - the consensus among computer generated forecasts and the confidence in the path are growing in that the storm will reach the Florida Keys late Saturday night into early Sunday morning.  The latest storm track now includes the southeast coast, residents of the Carolina's are now on alert.

A turn north into the state is becoming more likely but how much of a turn will occur is still anyone's guess.  We will monitor. As of 5 pm the storms is still a Category 5 and blamed for two deaths in Saint Barthelemy and Saint Martin. We will continue to monitor.  The storms 'eye' remains just off the coat of Puerto Rico and winds are still sustained at 185 mph.  Early reports from the northern Leeward islands are not good suggesting catastrophic damage.  Stay tuned.


The 'tropical traffic jam' is alive and well and late Wednesday as a third storm has become a hurricane.  KATIA is a CATEGORY 1 storm in the Gulf  with winds of 75 mph, while IRMA (CATEGORY 5 with 185 mph winds) and JOSE (CATEGORY 1 with 75 mph winds) are east in the Atlantic.