Disabled man thinks someone stole his identity to get job

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- A disabled man told FOX59 that a letter from the government alerted him that someone may be working at Walmart, using his identity.

James Long said he had difficulty reading the letter, because he is partially blind, but he was able to see enough of it last week to become alarmed.

"I knew something was going on," Long said.

Long said he went to a local Social Security Administration office, where he was told there was a record of someone working at Walmart under his name and personal information.

"I’ve never worked at Walmart in my life ," Long said. "They (were) unable to (tell) me what Walmart, what city or state."

FOX59 contacted Walmart, and a representative said they would get in touch with Long to get more information.

In the meantime, Long said he worried that someone was out there with his identity, and could do even more harm.

"To know that somebody’s got my information and out there doing only God knows what, that’s very scary," Long said.

Long said he doesn't use the internet or a computer, due to his disability, and he is careful not to release his personal information.

"My information is not out there on the internet, how they got my information I have no idea," Long said.

FOX59 took the case to Mark Pugh, a computer expert with iServ Pro. Pugh said he has heard of people using stolen identities to obtain jobs, and if someone does have Long's information, they could do him even more harm.

"Once they have a driver’s license or some sort of ID, they can create a dummy account, get credits cards, at that point they can do anything," Pugh said.

Pugh said that even if you don't put your information online, companies and agencies likely store your information on computers, which means anyone is vulnerable to identity theft these days.

"At some point (all of) our identities either are going to be stolen or our information is going to be gathered," Pugh said.

A representative with the Social Security Administration told FOX59 that the agency was getting in touch with Long to help resolve his case. He said the whole thing has left him incredibly worried.

"I never thought about it actually happening to me. Well here it is, it’s here, and it’s very, very frightening," Long said.

If you worry that you could be the victim of identity theft, you can find more information at the link here.

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