Indianapolis man sentenced to 30 years for leading local drug organization

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A leader of a local drug organization was sentenced to 30 years in federal prison on Friday, US Attorney Josh Minkler announced.

David McMichel, 33, of Indianapolis, was the leader of the McMichel Drug Trafficking Organization that distributed and supervised the delivery of the narcotics and acquisition of weapons, collected proceeds from the drug sales and arranged to store the drugs in stash houses.

Beginning in Dec. of 2014, McMichel ran the organization through his home on the west side of Indianapolis. The organization moved large quantities of heroin and meth from suppliers in Arizona to central Indiana.

Throughout the investigation, McMichel ran the organization while on house arrest serving a sentence for his third felony conviction.

He was overheard on a wiretap ordering shootings of his enemies. McMichel stated he had a “list a block long” of individuals he wanted dead.

Members of the organization obtained photographs from Facebook of some of his intended targets. During the investigation, law enforcement arrested one of McMichel’s “hitmen” in possession of a firearm and a photograph of an intended target.

“McMichel is the face of organized crime today. The defendants in this criminal organization were some of the most violent in Indianapolis,” said Minkler. “Not only did they sell large quantities of narcotics but most had prior felony convictions, possessed and used firearms and threatened acts of violence in furtherance of their crimes.”

During arrest and search warrant execution, police confiscated 19 firearms, $160,000 in cash, two ballistic vests and several pounds of heroin as well as large quantities of meth.

McMichel reportedly must serve five years of supervised release following his prison sentence.

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