Noblesville couple welcomes quadruplets without the use of any fertility treatments

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NOBLESVILLE, Ind. - The chances of having natural quadruplets are 1 in 700,000. And a Noblesville couple just became that one. The couple is still in shock after their four baby girls arrived August 17.

The couple had been planning for one baby. But with every doctors appointment an ultrasound showed another baby. And now the parents say they have no choice but to take it one day at a time, but first they have to get a car to fit their four baby girls.

"Fourth ultrasound you know they were like no, you're having quads and we were like what are you serious?" Father, Joseph Odom said.

Zoey, Maya, Arya, and Lyla were born at just 28 weeks and all under three pounds. Natural quadruplets. No fertility treatments. First they were told it was twins which was not a complete shock since mom, Danielle has twin brothers.

"We had prepared for one. We live in a one bedroom apartment we thought okay yeah, one is manageable, two okay, three is pushing. Four? Oh my gosh what are we going to do?" Danielle said.

The final baby was discovered at about three months. Doctors say that's normal for an ultrasound to miss one.

"So when a patient is having multiple gestation's so twins, triplets, quadruplets, it's not uncommon to miss one of the fetuses originally that has to do with the size of the gestational sack and as things get a little bigger we can find it," Community Hospital Dr. Christy Hartmann said.

Jospeh and Danielle are still adjusting after their four little girls made an early entrance to the world. At just 28 weeks Danielle was forced to deliver. Her blood pressure shot up and her belly measured as if she was 53 weeks pregnant.

Dad had to come up with a quick solution to their new normal fast so he turned their dining room into a nursery. The couple says this has turned their world upside down, but in a way they couldn't be more excited about.

"It's like whoa you've got these four and it's just you know you live day by day and it's an amazing experience. This is one of the best experiences we've shared in our entire lives," Joseph said.

All four girls are still in the NICU at Community Hospital North. Mom and dad are focused on buying a car to fit them all. So a wedding and a new house will have to wait a little while longer. Family and friends have been helping them out with this gofundme page

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