Carmel committee recommends removing $5 million carousel from investment plan

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CARMEL, Ind. – The chances of a multi-million dollar antique carousel coming to Carmel are dwindling.

The city’s Finance, Utilities and Rules Committee recommended that the $5 million slated for the ride be removed from a $76 million investment proposal Wednesday night.

The fate of the carousel now lies in the city council’s hands. Council members are expected to vote on the issue on Monday.

Over the past several weeks, the project has been hotly debated. As of Wednesday, an online petition against the carousel had garnered over 1,600 signatures.

Mayor Jim Brainard has been a big proponent of bringing the carousel to the city, but he said it’s up to the community.

“If it’s important to the community, we should pay for it with tax dollars. If it’s not important, we probably shouldn’t pay for it with tax dollars or private sector dollars,” Brainard said.