Damp and gloomy, September 2017 coolest in 93 years; Major pattern change coming

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It as gray and gloomy Wednesday area-wide.  The remnants of what was Category 5 hurricane Irma still churn in southern Illinois and Indiana and continue to weaken.  The upper air circulation overhead continues to bring clouds and light rain in from eastern Indiana.  Rainfall has been rather light and not putting much of a dent into a deficit that has grown to over 3" below normal since late July.  Officially only .04" of rain in Indianapolis Wednesday with monthly total of only .06".


It is now 12 of 13 days below normal this September.

It's the COOLEST September and start to meteorological fall since 1924 (93 years!).

The preliminary high of 68-degrees Wednesday is the third time this month that failed to reach 70-degrees in the afternoon, that's the average high for October the 8th.

Our average temperature is currently -6° per day below normal and September 2017 currently ranks 5th coolest to date.



It is too cool too soon? If you are not ready for fall get ready. A full blown pattern change is on the way. Summer will come surging back with high temperatures reaching 80s Friday and possibly near 90-degrees Sunday.