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VIDEO: Police search for vehicle that ran over, destroyed IFD hose

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – As if firefighters don’t have a tough enough job already, two drivers on Indy’s northwest side made it even more difficult when they ran over and destroyed a fire hose.

The Indianapolis Fire Department tweeted two videos of the incident which occurred during a fire yesterday at 4219 Winding Way. The video shows first a silver vehicle and then a black SUV drive over the yellow hose. The hose burst open after the second vehicle ran over it, shooting water in the air.

According to IFD, firefighters stopped the SUV, and they requested IMPD. When the driver found out that police were headed to the scene, she sped off.  She is described as a white female in her 40s.

A bystander, 18 year old Bryce Foote, recorded the incident. he says the two cars seen right before the hose burst were actually the last in a group of cars the drove over the hose. He gave the video to the IFD and IMPD Investigations Unit.

“If someone was really that ignorant to do that,  hopefully they can figure out who it was and  maybe get some sort of payment or something. Maybe at least an I'm sorry," he said

IFD says the replacement hose will cost the department about $500.

“We repeatedly message out that when you drive up on the bright yellow hose in the street, surrounded by all the big red vehicles and flashing lights – stop – turn around and find a different route to where you are headed,” said IFD Battalion Chief Rita Reith.

Drivers who fail to do so can receive a Uniform Traffic Ticket or even a misdemeanor charge of Interfering with the Duties of a Firefighter. Reith says avoiding charges fire hoses is a message the department is always trying to get out to the public. However she admits that message often falls on deaf ears.

"It’s just not messaging that is new and that’s what’s so bothersome. What is it going to take? We don’t want it to get to a point where someone is severely injured because they lost their water supply as they’re battling a fire," she said.

If you recognize either of the vehicles in this video, please call IMPD.


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