Community Hero honors Addy Bray and the woman who helped her find peace

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13 year old Tim Bray drowned at the Douglass Park pool in 2010. His family was heartbroken and wondering what good could come out of this?

This month we show you. Fox 59 and Community Health Network honor that Tim’s mother and the woman who helped her find peace again.

Tim was a standout student and after he died his mother Addy wanted to find a way to honor him.  She decided offering free swim lessons was a way to help children learn to swim and may one day save a child’s life.

Addy said,  “I fell like if Tim had this opportunity he probably when he probably would have if he was in the water would have been able to survive the water and get out.”

Linda Znachko, founder of walked Addy and her family through the grief and the two became like sisters.  When Addy shared that she wanted to start a swimming lesson program, Linda called the mayor’s office, set up a meeting and the two shared their vision.

That conversation led to a scholarship in Tim's name, a plaque that now graces the pool in Tim’s honor, and free swimming lessons at Douglass Park every summer for the last 6 years.

“I think the beautiful part about these swim lessons is that it puts a different face on the tragedy.” said Znachko.  In fact, it’s turning Addy Bray’s grief into a gift of life that’s touching countless lives.

It is our pleasure to honor Addy Bray and Linda Znachko as the September Community Heroes of the Month.