Local businesses cashing in on the Colts’ craze

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INDIANAPOLIS Ind -- It’s another Blue Friday here at FOX59 and we are hoping this weekend, the Colts will come away with their first win of the season!.

They take on the Cleveland Browns Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium at 1 p.m. But the team does more than just bring fans together.

Local businesses say football season brings a big boost to business. At Taylor’s Bakery, they say when the team does well- they do well.

"As soon as that first game hits, we’ll see a 10% uptick, and it’s pretty steady from there," said Taylor's Bakery co-owner Drew Allen.

They’re not the only ones who are reaping the benefits. Downtown businesses, restaurants, and bars are also looking to cash in on the colts craze.

 "The average resident who comes downtown according to our survey will spend between $70-$75 dollars," explained Bob Schultz of Downtown Indy Inc.

The latest economic impact study that was done by Colts and CIB was 10 years ago. But back then they were bringing in $200 million dollars a year of new economic revenue.