Your Town Friday: Aunt, niece go into business together in North Salem

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NORTH SALEM, Ind. - Going into business with family can be a big risk. It's a risk one aunt and her niece in North Salem to decided to take.

And the people in their small town have become family themselves.

That's where we're headed for this week's Your Town Friday!

North Salem takes up a total area of a quarter square mile. To put that into perspective, Indianapolis sits on 368 square miles. North Salem was laid out in 1935 and got a post office in 1939. There are only about 150 families living there.

"I’ve lived here about 25 years," said Vicki Cox. "It’s a wonderful little community of about 500 people!"

Vickie and Terri Solomon have managed to build a successful business in this small town.

"Terri and I are related, I’m her aunt!" said Vicki.

Vicki continued, "And we've been best friends since we were babies!"

The two are only eight months apart.

In 2009, Garden Gate opened on Pearl Street as a gift shop. But since then, it's turned into so much more. We're talking an upscale resale boutique, handcrafted jewelry, soaps, furniture, teas, and a flower shop. The flower shop started with no coolers and one counter! Now it's full service and delivery and they always have brides in the store. As well as locals!

"We have met so many wonderful people," said Vicki. "And we have a lot of repeat customers from Lebanon, Crawfordsville, Lafayette and all over."

People come in and check on the ladies all the time.

"We enjoy them coming here and talking to them and we hug our customers!" they laughed.

So where does Garden Gate Shops go from here? We'll see what Terri and Vicki come up with next! Whatever it is, this town is sure to support them.

Garden Gate Shops is closed Sundays and Tuesdays. The hours are Monday, Wednesday - Saturday 10-5 p.m. Flowers can be ordered 24/7 here!