FBI: Violent crime in Indianapolis outpaces national average

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In its latest report, the FBI found that while the estimated numbers of violent crimes across the U.S. rose 4.1%, the number of actual offenses in Indianapolis during that time climbed seven percent over 2015.

In Marion County, Indianapolis, Beech Grove, Cumberland and Speedway reported a total of 11,996 violent crimes in 2016 compared to 11,223 the year before. The figures come from the FBI’s “2016 Crime in the United States” report.

Statewide, the actual total of violent crimes reported was 22,873 as Indianapolis clearly accounted for half of the amount.

Aggravated assaults in Indianapolis rose from 6,497 in 2015 to 7,099 in 2016, leading the way in the Marion County and Indiana violent crime increase.

IMPD often credits the stabilization of the murder tally but says the hike in aggravated assaults points to quick response from police and emergency medical personnel.

Chief Bryan Roach, however, cites better IMPD record keeping for providing a more accurate count of violent crime as opposed to an actual increase in incidents.

“Murder and manslaughter offenses increased 8.6 percent when compared with estimates from 2015,” reads the report while in Indianapolis the 2016 murder tally kept pace with the total of 148 from the year before.

According to internal record keeping, IMPD previously reported that last year’s murder count was down slightly from 2015.

The FBI release included rates based on population and actual numbers from reporting cities as well as estimates based on communities that do not report their statistics.

In Indiana, 98 communities reported their statistics to the FBI last year as compared with 110 reporting communities in 2015.

Nationally, “in addition to the 7.9 percent homicide rate increase in 2016,” reads the FBI report, “the corrected numbers show the homicide rate increased by 11.4 percent in 2015, for a total increase of more than 20 percent from 2014-2016.”

As the Indianapolis murder statistic remained constant during those two years, the city accounted for 34% of the 427 murders statewide in Indiana last year.

Across Indiana the number of murders shot up drastically from 2015 when the total was 308 and Indianapolis accounted for 48% of the total.

In the United States burglary and larceny-thefts were down as compared to the year before but robbery, rape and aggravated assault were up.

In Indianapolis, only the burglary statistics showed a decline.

IMPD reported to the FBI that it served Indianapolis with 1,578 officers and 198 civilian employees in 2015.

That number totaled 1,612 officers and 194 civilian employees last year.

You can find the entire FBI report here.

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