Rexnord employees face last day of production

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The week is already off to a tough start for manufacturing employees in Central Indiana.

Tuesday, the last of Rexnord employees finished out the company’s last day of production in Indianapolis earlier.

“I may have some moments, you know, when it’ll hit me once… once I’m out of here,” said Mark Orr haltingly. “Maybe a couple days down the road I’ll think, ‘Well, I sure miss going in.’”

Orr was one of more than 100 people who took a $1,500 incentive to stay on until the end of production. But with just moving out of the plant left, 85 walked out for the last time today.

In all, 330 people lost their jobs because of Rexnord’s decision to move the jobs here to Mexico.

Doing so will save the company about $22 an hour per worker by paying Mexican workers just $3 an hour.

Pamela Presley with the United Way used to work in manufacturing.

As Orr and others walked out of Rexnord after the last day of production, Presley gave them each a list of resources in each nearby county.  She knows they might need more help than they would ever admit.

“Right now they have a bit of a severance package that’s going to hang them on for a while, but in the long run, they’re going to be in need,” said Presley.  “I just wanted to be a help to them.”

There are still a handful of employees that will be working here at Rexnord over the next month or two.

They’ll be helping pack up and ship out the rest of the equipment and with it their jobs.

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