Six people arrested after Kokomo Police officers inhale unknown synthetic chemical during drug bust

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KOKOMO, Ind. - Six people are now behind bars at the Howard County jail facing multiple charges.

“We got some information that illegal drug activity was occurring,” said Kokomo Police Major Brian Seldon.

All arrested during an investigation by the Kokomo Police Drug Task Force. Police served a warrant Tuesday at a home on N. Wabash St. and found an unknown powdery substance they believe these people were using and selling.

“When you mix a bunch of chemicals together you do not know what they are going to have,” said Major Seldon.

The unknown substance was inhaled by nine Kokomo police officers who were inside and around the home.

“Spice, chemi, again we do not know what this may be,” said Major Seldon.

All of the officers were taken to the hospital and released.

“Maybe they were trying to get rid of it and it got into the air and at that time the officers were exposed to it,” said Major Seldon.

Bob Williams lives just up the stairs from the people who were arrested.

“They busted in and they took them to jail and they made us get out,” said Williams.

Williams says he had to evacuate during the bust and tells me he had no idea there was drug activity just feet away.

“I could not smell anything. I heard something about spice…whatever the hell that is,” said Williams.

KPD officers were not wearing protective gear during the search warrant, something the department is looking into.

“Definitely we are going to look back and re-evaluate how we do these types of drug raids,” said Major Seldon.

As KPD waits for the results, some of the officers are already back at work.

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