Fishers city leaders talk traffic concerns with additions of Portillo’s, IKEA and Top Golf

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FISHERS, Ind. – The Portillo’s on 116th Street in Fishers opened Thursday and with that came some traffic concerns for the area.

“Knowing where I was coming to we kind of expected (the traffic,) but my daughter is over there in a line with the car because we can’t even get in (the parking lot),” Portillo’s customer Margaret Gleason said. “When I think about Top Golf opening and IKEA across the street, you won’t even be able to move at all.”

However, Fishers Director of Engineering Jeff Hill doesn’t think that will be the case.

“We’ll certainly have our challenging moments, but we’ve been working hard with our emergency responders, police, fire public works, as well as IKEA and Top Golf and their private contractors on how to we manage traffic on their site, how we manage traffic on the nearby, adjacent roadways,” Hill said.

The City of Fishers and INDOT have invested nearly $30 million for infrastructure improvements in this area, including a lane widening project on 116th Street and a new interchange on I-69 at 106th Street.

“So all of those things coupled together have helped move traffic and so we’ve got certainly an improved scenario than we did just a few years ago,” he said.

Hill added another factor contributing to reduced congestion in the area is the peak hours for all the new attractions.

He explained IKEA, which is expected to draw the largest crowds, has its peak hours on the weekends when most of the office buildings in the area should be empty.

“Knowing what their traffic patterns are and their business hours, compared to some of the office hours versus the peak hour commutes; I think we have a good plan I place to help mitigate the traffic,” Hill said.

IKEA is expected to open October 11 and Top Golf has not announced an opening date, but is expected to open later this fall as well.

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