Indiana State University requiring bias training after ‘black lives don’t matter’ sign posted outside dorm

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TERRE HAUTE, Ind. – Indiana State University is requiring students living in residence halls to take training for “unconscious bias” after a sign saying “black lives don’t matter” was posted outside a student’s dorm room.

McKinsey Glover, 19, posted a picture of the sign on her Facebook page Monday, including pictures of two other events she said were fueled by a dispute with others on her floor.

“I felt harassed from everything that already happened, and like they were out to get me, and I was scared,” Glover told the IndyStar. “I didn’t know if maybe I come out of my room and they’d be waiting for me.”

The post includes photos of a clump of dark hair and what appears to be a used sanitary napkin.

It was shared more than 2,500 times.

Glover said she only posted it after she approached Indiana State Public Safety and her resident assistant, who were allegedly slow to take action.

In response, Indiana State University sent an email to all staff, students and faculty that characterized the incident as “an interpersonal dispute between floormates.”

The email went on to say the university will take action to prevent similar events from occurring again.

“The Office of Equal Opportunity & Title IX, in collaboration with the Office of Residential Life, will begin implementing intentional training for all residence halls surrounding unconscious bias, cultural differences, and respect for others,” the email said. “Incidents of racism and discrimination on Indiana State’s campus will not be tolerated.”

The bias training will be rolled out systematically by social justice mediators on campus to resident assistants and residents, Roerig told the IndyStar, and will happen “as soon as possible.”