Your Town Friday: Arcane Coffee Company calls Danville home

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DANVILLE, Ind. - Dudley Foreman filled growlers of a different kind in a past life.

"I was a home brewer and it became a little too time consuming so I started roasting coffee," said Foreman. "So I ordered some coffee, threw it on a pan on the stove and nearly burned my house down!"

But he kept at it, and five years later he was able to quit his job and start selling coffee at farmer's markets in Hendricks County.

But he wanted a brick and mortar shop and he also wanted the perfect name.

"I was talking to my daughter, she was doing her homework, she was in high school at the time, and she asked me if I had come up with a name for the company and I had looked up every name that I could think of and they were all used. And I said, I looked up every arcane word I could think of, and she asked me what arcane meant, so I told her to look it up and she said that’s pretty good, why don’t you use that? Coffee roasting is sort of an arcane process!"

Arcane means "understood by few."

Don't expect a latte at Arcane Coffee Company! Although you can get a cup, Arcane is more of a coffee store than a coffee shop. Foreman mainly sells whole bean coffee, growlers and coffee-making equipment.

And he will roast to order.

"I can talk about coffee all day!" said Foreman. "The idea was just to have something and do something that I like to do in an area that I like."

And he likes it in Danville! He's called it home since 1994.

Foreman says since he's roasting coffee full-time now, he might go back to brewing beer for fun!

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