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Protesters chant, chalk sidewalks calling for police officers who killed Aaron Bailey to be fired

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - It's been three months since IMPD officers shot and killed Aaron Bailey following a traffic stop.

Protesters with the group "Don't Sleep" came to the City County Building to make sure their cry for justice was seen and heard. They wrote messages with chalk on the sidewalk Friday afternoon.

"We want them to fire the two officers that did this. We want a constant reminder of what this has done to the Bailey family. It's not a day that goes by that it's not a constant reminder. And we hope that it's a constant reminder to them of the damage that their department has done and they need to answer for," Don't Sleep Vice President, Satchuel Cole said.

More than 50 protesters chanted and wrote on the sidewalk as IMPD officers looked on. The protest remained peaceful.

"It just makes me feel like all people of different colors whatever you want to call it are not like the cops that killed my dad. I feel like racism needs to end. My dad's back was turned when they shot him four times," daughter, Erica Bailey said.

Aaron Bailey was shot and killed by IMPD officers after he took off from police during a traffic stop and crashed into a tree. Special prosecutor Kenneth Cotter from St. Joseph County is now in charge of the case. His office says there are no updates and that he's still going over evidence. In the meantime the family says they won't stop fighting for justice.

"We will continue to do the chalking 24 hours a day indefinitely until they fire the two officers. You can email Chief Roach and ask him to fire the officers. You  can call prosecutor Cotter and ask him for no grand jury and to indict the officers," Cole said.

Some parents even brought their children to the protest.

"I think it's really important for my daughter to see social justice in action and to feel like she's part of a community and to know there are people who will stand up when something has been done that hurts us," mother, Lynette Taylor said.

The Bailey family says they are pleased with the appointment of a special prosecutor but now their attention is on making sure the officers are off the job.

"For the people that think this is right I just want them to go to bed at night and pray it didn't happen to their family members because I would never want nothing like this to happen to their family members. I want them to put themselves in my shoes and know that this isn't easy knowing cops that were supposed to protect us took a life," Bailey said.

After the protest the FOX59 team heard a call go out over our newsroom scanners from IMPD requesting the Indianapolis Fire Department to remove the sidewalk chalk the protesters left behind.

We asked IMPD why did they request the chalk be removed from the public property. A spokesperson tells FOX59 they deemed some of the messages offensive.