Monroe County officer fatally shoots pit bull that attacked him, 2 other dogs

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – A Monroe County officer shot and killed a pit bull that reportedly attacked him and two other dogs, killing one.

The sheriff’s office says Civil Process Deputy Brian Creech was serving court papers at the Henderson Court apartment complex on Bloomington’s south side when he heard a commotion Tuesday. When he checked on it, he says he saw the pit bull mauling a Chihuahua being walked by a woman.

Deputy Creech then used his pepper spray on the pit bull, named Chaos. The dog reportedly stopped its attack on the Chihuahua, but started attacking a Schnauzer also being walked by the woman.

As the deputy continued to try and stop the attack, the pit bull reportedly attempted to bite his wrist, but it bit onto his wrist watch instead. The officer then shot the dog one time, killing it.

The Schnauzer later died from its injury and the Chihuahua required surgery Tuesday.

Deputy Creech was sent to Monroe Hospital for examination of minor injury.

Bloomington police and animal management are investigating the attack.