UPDATE: Foster mom, boyfriend charged with neglect of 9-month-old boy

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Madalyn Fred and Bryce Dudley

BOONE COUNTY, Ind. – An Indianapolis foster mother and her Whitestown boyfriend have been accused of neglecting a 9-month-old boy.

As a result, 27-year-old Madalyn Fred and 27-year-old Bryce Dudley are being charged with neglect of a dependent.

According to DCS records, the baby’s mother reported bruises on both sides of the baby’s ribs, under his arms and down his waist while visiting the child during a supervised visit.  The DCS report also indicated there were “random bruises in his ear” a week prior.

When the boy was taken to Riley Hospital for Children, doctors performed a full skeletal survey on the boy, and no injuries were found. A CAT scan was also performed and results initially indicated there was “a possible healing rib fracture on his right eighth rib,” according to DCS documents. However, during a follow-up visit, it was determined the child did not have a fractured rib, because there were no signs of healing, according to records.

Fred told DCS that the injuries could have been caused by leaning over a child walker, a small car seat or a possible rash due to new clothes. When investigators spoke with doctors, they explained that those explanations don’t explain the child’s injuries.

When the child was taken to Riley Hospital for a follow-up appointment on Aug. 18, DCS says it was determined that the boy did not have a healing fractured rib.

According to DCS documents, physical abuse was unsubstantiated against Fred and Dudley, but neglect is still substantiated against Fred due to the “preponderance of evidence that supports the allegations to be true.”

The baby has subsequently been removed from the care of Fred and placed in a new home.

Editor’s Note: The story has been updated to reflect the follow-up appointment determined the baby did not suffer a fractured rib, because healing was not found. 


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