IU Student Association pushing to add lighting to help curb campus crime

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - About 50,000 students walk around campus at Indiana University on a daily basis.

“Really, the issue is not that we do not have lights. It is more that we can improve on what we are already doing,” said Justice Eiden Chief of the IU Student Association.

When night falls, the Indiana University Student Association tells us many of the areas on and near campus are too dark.

“I live a block off of campus and I need to take my flashlight out on my phone at night just to see the sidewalk,” said Daniel Niersbach, president of IUSA.

Students tell me the unlit areas are not hard to find.

“There are still areas over here in Dunn Meadow where there is little to no lighting and once or twice every year there is some criminal activity, whether it be a robbery or worse,” said Eiden.

A map from IUSA shows that 20 street lights are currently out on central campus, just in a four block span.

“The main areas are the areas usually by the dorms and behind buildings. The streets are usually just fine,” said Eiden.

The IU Campus Police tell us adequate lighting is directly related to all aspects of safety. IUPD is working with the student association on the plans to add additional lighting sources to campus and surrounding areas.

“A light at every block or every block of a street is appropriate,” said Niersbach.

Their campaign is still in the early stages and in the need of funding.

“The student association does not have the funding to just purchase lights. It is a couple hundred thousand dollars a block. So we will advocate the need from the university and with the City of Bloomington,” said Niersbach.

Some of the unlit areas fall in the City of Bloomington territory. A spokesperson with the city said they are willing to sit down and talk about adding more lights and come up with a cost effective plan.

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