Man arrested with thousands of dollars worth of drugs in Muncie has ties to Mexican drug cartel

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MUNCIE, Ind. -- Muncie Police arrested a man they say has ties to the Mexican drug cartel, and the amount of drugs he was trying to sell in central Indiana is shocking.

On Thursday, Muncie Police arrested Pedro Correa. They received an anonymous tips to their drug task force line saying Correa would likely be in the area and dropping drugs off at a motel on the city's South side.

Pedro Correa

When police stopped his car, they found drugs in plain sight in the front seat of the car. In total, six kilos of both cocaine and crystal meth were seized as well as a handgun. Police said Correa didn't have a license to carry.

It's likely Correa brought the drugs straight from Chicago. Police said it's common for drugs like meth and cocaine to be brought from Mexico to big cities like Chicago where drug dealers will then transport them to smaller Midwest towns like Muncie.

The drugs could be worth around $50,000, but Muncie Drug Task Force Sgt. Scott O'Dell said depending on how the dealers cut the drugs, it could be worth up to $750,000.

"You could cut the cocaine and depending on how much you cut it for, whether it would be regular power cocaine or crack cocaine, you could get somewhere between $500,000-$750,000 street value if you sold it by the gram and by the rocks," Sgt. O'Dell said.

Because of the high quantity of drugs, plus the fact that Correa is from out of state, he is being held without bond. That's typical for cases like this. Muncie Police said it's because he's considered a flight risk.

Police also said tips come in daily to their drug task force line and are incredibly helpful in stopping the drug trafficking in the area. You can report a tip by calling 765.747.4866. You can also call The Muncie Crime Stoppers line anonymously 765-286-4050.