Skyline Chili evacuated, several customers transported to hospital after carbon monoxide leak

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Picture from scene on October 6, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Skyline Chili was evacuated and several customers were transported to the hospital after a carbon monoxide leak at the Castleton restaurant.

Emergency crews were called to the Skyline Chili located at 6689 East 82nd Street shortly after 12:30 p.m. on Friday. According to IFD spokesperson Rita Reith, Happy Chicken employees first started showing symptoms, then customers and other employees started showing more severe symptoms.

Eight people were transported to Community Hospital North with non-life threatening symptoms. The CO readings inside Skyline Chili were 30 parts per million. Skyline Chili was repairing two things in the restaurant that may have caused the leak.

Store manager Cheri Throop told firefighters that the gas-fed Skyline Chili kettles and the gas hot water heater had both been recently worked on.  It is unclear if either of these is where the CO originated.  Both stores are currently closed for business and will reopen when approval by the Indiana Board of Health is given.