Video shows man looking for unlocked cars in Greenwood neighborhood

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GREENWOOD, Ind.-- Greenwood police hope someone will recognize a man captured on home security video as he appears to be peering into vehicles with a flashlight and checking door handles.

The video, captured around 4:30 a.m. Saturday in Greenwood’s Barrington East subdivision, was shot at the home of Steven Handly.

“That Saturday morning, my daughter came out to go somewhere,” Handly said.  “It was late morning, and she came and said ‘Dad, somebody got in my glove box and was looking inside of my car.’”

When Handly went back and reviewed his home security video, he saw what appeared to be a thin white male with short dark hair walk into his driveway to his pickup truck.  The man in the video was carrying a flashlight in his mouth.  When he got to the truck, he checked the door handle and found it locked.  He then walked to Handly’s Honda Accord, which was parked in the street.  The man used the flashlight to look into the window of the Honda and also checked that door handle.  After finding both vehicles locked, the man walked out of the camera’s view down the street toward the next driveway.

The attempted crime was captured on a camera system Handly had just installed one week earlier.

“It’s like, how many times has this been happening that we just don’t know about?” he asked.

Although nothing was stolen out of Handly’s daughter’s Jeep, he could tell somebody had rifled through the contents of the vehicle.

“Just makes you irritated that people don’t respect your property and stuff,” Handly said.  “We’ve lived here 20 years and never had any issue.  But we’re seeing it more and more, it’s kind of sad.”

Handly’s neighbor wasn’t so lucky.  Eric Anttonen, who lives two doors down, says somebody stole a wallet out of his daughter’s car, which had been left unlocked.

“When I came out, I saw that the door was slightly cracked open and I thought that was weird,” Anttonen said.  “And I opened it up and essentially the glove box stuff was all over the front seat.”

Anttonen reported the theft to Greenwood police and realized the suspect was likely the same individual captured on Handly’s security camera.

Greenwood Police Public Information Officer Kortney Burrello said Handly’s video is their best evidence in investigating the case, and any possible connections to a number of other neighborhood thefts reported a few miles down Smith Valley Road.

“You guys will air the video and we’ll post it on our Facebook page and hopefully somebody will recognize who’s in the video,” Burrello said.

Johnson County Sheriff Doug Cox says residents in several subdivisions in the Center Grove, White River Township area have been reporting thefts from unlocked cars for several weeks.  He says he plans to have his investigators reach out to Greenwood Police for Handly’s video so they can explore possible links between the cases.

Burrello also encouraged residents in the different subdivisions to review any home security video they have as Greenwood investigators also explore any possible connections between the cases.

“I encourage people that live in both communities, other individuals, to check their home videos to see if he’s been in both communities,” Burrello said.

Burrello also said the latest case illustrates how important it is for residents with security camera systems to reach out to police when crimes occur.

“Whether they’re small crimes or big crimes, sometimes this is the only evidence sometimes we have,” she said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Greenwood Police Department at 317-882-9191.

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