Drop the microphone! Internet troll’s bet with police department backfires

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REDFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A man wanted in Michigan made a bet with police and lost big—and now he’ll have to pony up some donuts and community service.

A man who goes by the name “Champagne Torino” on Facebook trolled the Redford Township Police Department on a post about a home invasion, insulting the department and other commenters on the page.

After police threatened to block him from the page unless he participated in “constructive dialogue,” Torino sent them a private message saying he’d turn himself in if the department’s next Facebook post got more than 1,000 shares.

Torino, who was wanted on “existing warrants,” pledged he’d also bring in donuts and clean up litter around area schools.

Redford police took him up on the challenge, writing a Facebook post at 6:11 p.m. on Oct. 6 about it.

“If we can have this post SHARED 1000 times, he will turn himself in to RTPD on his existing warrants, clean up blight on public school property, and bring us a dozen donuts,” the department wrote. “Donuts!!!! He promised us donuts! You know how much we love donuts!”

The post continued, “Help us win this challenge and clean up blight in Redford at the same time! It’s as easy as a SHARE of this post.”

It took a little more than an hour for the post to get 1,000 shares. Police dropped the mic and wrote, “Thank you everyone!”

Police said Torino “may or may not be a man of his word,” adding that “everyone gets caught at some point.” They thanked everyone for sharing the post, calling it a “fun” and “educational” social media experience. The original post has been shared more than 4,100 times.

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