How to start a fundraiser for a nonprofit group

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Do you ever have a great cause you want to raise money for, but have no clue how to do it? Many in central Indiana are in the same boat.

Often people go at it alone, but there's a workshop on Oct. 17 at 6 p.m. at the East 38th Street Library in Indianapolis to help out.

"People who come to the workshop can figure out which fundraising strategies could potentially work for them. We also discuss what a sample budget would look like, and what the goal of it is. It's all so people can walk away with a plan," said Falicia Brewer, president of Brewer and Associates.

Brewer's workshop is very detailed and helps those who attend figure out a one year work plan for a fundraiser. Most nonprofits are in a catch-22. They have to raise money to hire staff, but can't hire staff because they don't have enough money. The workshop founder tells FOX59 that it's possible to break out of this cycle. The workshop provides best practices fundraising strategies and gives examples of activities that work for small groups. Attendees will also learn how to engage volunteers.

The title of the workshop is “Fundraising on a Shoestring Budget.” It's interactive and for anyone operating a nonprofit. All sorts of groups have successfully used Brewer’s workshops.

"I've had the Indiana rowing team who have wanted to come in and figure out how to raise money for their organization. Another organization was a clothing pantry, focusing on children," said Brewer.

Even though it's a hands-on workshop, one thing you'll learn is to get other people involved--don't try to fund raise by yourself. It's generally too much for one person and can lead to failure. Networking is key.

"Whether they work at an Anthem or a Lilly, so there are opportunities to get sponsorship from the organization, so it's really leveraging the boards resources," said Brewer.

You do need to register by phone for the workshop, even up until the last minute. The number to call is (317) 275-4350.