Man falls victim to fake motorcycle training course, could face felony and suspended license

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A central Indiana motorcyclist is upset after receiving a letter from the BMV informing him that he took a fake motorcycle training course and he could be facing a felony.

“They said we passed,” Todd Frederick said. “So you go to the BMV. Everything goes through and it’s been a year and two months since all this took place and now I get a letter that says I committed fraud.”

Frederick received the letter last week and it also informed him as part of this process his driver’s license would be suspended for 90 days starting October 20.

“This is my driver’s license and if I lose that, I lose everything,” Frederick said. “I lose my job. I lose my house. I lose my child support. I lose everything and it’s not going to happen. I can’t let this happen.”

Frederick decided he wanted his motorcycle endorsement last summer and began to search for certified training courses online.

He found one that worked for him and attended it last July.

Frederick brought his license, his motorcycle and $200. He left with what he thought was a legitimate completion certificate.

“They drove us through some cones and asked us a bunch of questions and then they gave us a paper and said we are good to go,” he said. “And I’ve done nothing wrong. I went to a motorcycle ABATE class that I thought was a motorcycle ABATE class.”

Turns out the class was a fake, according to the BMV.

ABATE of Indiana Executive Director Jay Jackson said the teacher's name and ID on Frederick's certificate were real, but that teacher was not living in Indiana when Frederick took his class and that teacher is no longer with the company.

Jackson added ABATE of Indiana motorcycle training courses are 15 hours long and students do not use their own bikes.

Jackson said he had heard of other students getting fake completion certificates citing ABATE as the provider and wonders how many other people here in Indiana fell for the scam and are in the same boat as Frederick.

In a statement a spokeswoman for the BMV said, “There is currently an active investigation into the situation pertaining to fraudulent credentials. The investigation covers the entire state and impacts less than 1% of licensed drivers with motorcycle endorsement.”