All eyes on Fishers’ traffic with IKEA, Top Golf and Portillo’s now open

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FISHERS, Ind. – City leaders in Fishers know they have a big test ahead of them this weekend as it will be the first with IKEA, Top Golf and Portillo’s all open near 116th Street and I-69.

“We’re certainly anticipating a peak in traffic on Saturday and we’ve got all those same boots on the ground ready for this weekend,” City of Fishers Director of Engineer Jeff Hill said. “We’ll be watching and adjusting signal timing patters as well as adjusting signage and barricades to make sure we are funneling people in safely.”

Hill has spearheaded a new traffic pattern for the area specifically for the new IKEA opening.

He’s created a one-way traffic flow that brings people to IKEA from 116th Street and then funnels everyone out on 106th Street.

“We think so far, so good,” he said. “We’re certainly not going to rest on our laurels or be overconfident. We’ll continue to watch it today, into the weekend and beyond.”

Fishers has members from its police, fire, public works and engineering departments all on site helping with traffic and IKEA is actually paying the city for those services.

In addition, IKEA has dozens of contractors in its parking lot that direct customers to open spaces.

Hill said this set up will last as long as the rush from IKEA’s opening continues.

“We’re certainly going to continue to watch on a daily basis what’s happening here in and around IKEA, Top Golf and understand how traffic is being impacted so we know and can see as that rise is starting to taper off, we can scale back on those resources,” Hill said.