Your Town Friday: McCordsville in Hancock County

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McCordsville, Ind. - A town in Hancock County is growing so fast, even the town manager can't believe the numbers. She credits one thing for the rise of McCordsville's popularity, and that's where we're heading for this week's Your Town Friday!

If you ask Town Manager Tonya Galbraith what she does, she makes it easy to understand in just a few seconds.

"It’s like playing SimCity in real life because we are getting to make a town!" said Galbraith. "When I came here, our population was 1,197. It’s over 7,000 now. So we’ve got all this great growth which is now bringing the commercial growth that we really need to help our tax base."

Galbraith says one of the biggest things to happen in her twelve years as leader happened this year. A Meijer opened its doors! McCordsville has not had a grocery store.

"For Meijer to feel that we’re the right fit for them means that they did all of their traffic analysis, they did all of their regional population analysis, they did everything so they know they have a good draw. And you go to Meijer at any time and it’s crowded."

So how does a town's population grow so quickly?

"Our location," said Galbraith. "Our location is so prime, when you share a border with Fishers and you share a border with Lawrence and Marion County, you’re bound to have that overflow at some point. That point is now."

We met Galbraith at another place she's proud of. Town Hall Community Park is a passive park. They do movie nights and soccer games. There's a walking path that's about to get a face lift, and a "Little Free Library" where people can borrow books.

Galbraith eventually wants playground equipment and more.

"I love this park and we eventually want to see more parks, but we’ve got to start somewhere!"

And Galbraith now has a balancing act on her hands. She's trying to balance growth without losing that small town feel.

"We want to keep that. That’s kind of the challenge and the positive part, too. Look around. You’re surrounded by farmland and we love that. We don’t want to see every bit of farmland developed."

What's in the future? Road work! More people of course leads to more traffic.

"The kind of enthusiasm we have here is really, really positive. It’s just a great place to be!"

The town has been awarded some grant money to make those road improvements, which will help with commute times.

McCordsville will host a Trunk or Treat October 28th and everyone is invited!