Focus on canal safety after apartment murder

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- Following the murder of Carina Rodriguez, the talk on the canal Monday was all about safety, along with some security changes that could be coming. Most people said they do still feel safe, but they are taking more steps to stay that way after Friday’s murder at a nearby apartment complex, 9 On Canal.

“It was very shocking and I was very surprised, especially knowing that building has a lot of security,” said Anastasia Gamino, who lives on canal.

Despite that unease, people like Hillary Scott, who works nearby, said the canal is still a good place to be.

“It’s always really safe… there’s always tons of people walking around,” said Scott, “it’s usually pretty safe.”

And police are doing what they can to keep it that way.

“In light of what happened I’ve actually instructed officers to conduct some extra patrols as well,” said IMPD Downtown District Commander Phil Burton. He said there has been ongoing talk of establishing set hours for the canal. That idea that got mixed reviews from people there today.

“I think it could be a good idea,”said Gamino, “I know that’s what they have on the Monon.”

“I mean it limits everybody, and you know there has to become a limit on how much we protect ourselves,” said canal walker Melanie Johnson, who opposed the idea.

This weekend, residents at 9 On Canal raised concerns about the unlocked door which suspect Cody Weir used to get inside.

Monday, the property manager said that door was never required to be locked, as it allows access to the building’s Crossfit gym and Burgerhaus restaurant, adding that doors to the residences and the building’s gym were locked  as they are always required to be.

Court records show that Weir was arrested with a key fob to the building, which he told police he got from a friend who used to live there. The building’s manager said any key fobs from former residents are deactivated when someone moves out. The 9 On Canal manager also said the staff there is taking what happened extremely hard.