IMPD searches for gunman accused of killing man attending homicide victim’s funeral

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Detectives with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department are asking for the public’s help with locating a murder suspect who is accused of killing a man who was attending a funeral.

Jeffery Buckley, 43, was charged with murder for the shooting death of Kirk Shurill.

"It turned into shots fired and now we have one person dead and another person on the run. No reason that this should have happened," said Steve Dubois of Crime Stoppers.

Police began investigating the crime on September 30 at the Persian Temple on East 23rd Street. Shurill was shot in a car in the parking lot and transported to Methodist Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

At the time of the shooting, there were around 200 to 300 people present to honor the life of Keith Williams who was murdered on September 20, 2017. According to Shurill’s family, he lived in Philadelphia, but he was in Indianapolis for Williams’ funeral.

Court documents say Shurill was doing “burnouts” with his car tires in the parking lot, and he said he was creating smoke to honor Williams.

"He was telling him to stop doing it and thought it was disrespectful I he shot him for burning rubber," said Shurill's sister Amy Cowherd.

A witness said she saw Buckley walk up to Shurill’s car, grab onto his car, and tell him he was being disrespectful. The witness then said she saw Shurill drive off with Buckley still hanging onto the window. Buckley pulled out a gun and shot Shurill before running away from the scene. According to the prosecutor's office, Shurill was shot multiple times and suffered more than 40 wounds.

A K-9 officer was called to the area and was successful in tracking the suspect’s path and locating his shirt. A Taurus 9mm handgun was located near a fence on 23rd street across the street.

A warrant for Buckley’s arrest was issued on October 18,

Buckley is described as a black male 5’9”, 140 pounds, black hair and brown eyes. Police say he should be considered armed and dangerous, and they ask you to call 911 if you see him.

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