Crime Stoppers Director receives national awarded for group’s success

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind – The man in charge of Crime Stopper is getting a big award for the impact its having on our community.

Sgt. Steve DuBois was awarded the Crime Stoppers USA Coordinator of the Year Service Award for his outstanding performance. DuBois has been Director of the non-profit since 2010 and has helped it break records in solving crimes.

Last year, Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana took 7,100 tips. That resulted in 320 felony arrests. DuBois believes Crime Stoppers will surpass those numbers this year.

“We’re gonna have records on amount of money seized, amount of narcotics seized, amounts of vehicles seized, amount of weapons seized,” said DuBois. “Sometimes we just hang on for the ride, because it seems like the program is running itself.”

So what’s the secret to his success?

DuBois gives credit back to all of the community partners that help make Crime Stoppers what it is.

“It takes the media, it takes the public, and it takes the police. And we have that synergy here where everybody is working together.”

DuBois is actually retiring in about a year, but he said Crime Stoppers got into his blood and he’ll probably still be involved with it in some way.