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Greenfield parents deny neglecting toddler after police say child found alone outside

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Carrissa and Isaac Abraham both pleaded guilty to neglect of a dependent on Sept. 9, 2018 and were sentenced to a year of probation. DCS officials told FOX59 that the couple have done well in following recommendations so far and it appears they and the children are all living well together.


GREENFIELD, Ind.- Parents in Greenfield are denying claims they neglected their toddler after police say the 2-year old was found roaming a neighborhood street on at least two occasions.

Carrissa and Isaac Abraham were arrested Monday on charges of neglect.

"We're not bad parents at all, we raise our kids the best that we know how to raise our kids, you know, and it's just a really crazy situation that's going on right now," Carrissa Abraham said.

Police said they were called to the Indigo Springs addition Sept. 29 when a neighbor told officers they saw the toddler walking towards the park. According to court documents, Isaac Abraham told police he works third shift and sleeps during the day and Carrissa takes some medications that make her drowsy, and she falls asleep.

Carrissa told FOX59 News she has medical conditions, and that the couple does not do drugs.  A warrant for neglect was requested after this incident.

"And no I'm not saying that was the good thing, cause it's not a good thing he got out and that's why we put, we installed the child locks on," Carrissa Abraham said.

On Oct. 16, police said they were called back to the neighborhood where neighbors told them the toddler was found on the sidewalk alone. Carrissa said the toddler got through a child safety lock they put on the front door.

"He had been out for long enough, especially the second time, that he was cold to the touch, his hands were cold and his skin was so we knew he had been out for a little while," Sgt. Nichole Gilbert, a detective with the Greenfield Police Department, said.

According to court documents, police said when they knocked on the parents door, they woke them up.  Officers said they saw two pieces of a cover on the floor, but they didn't see "....any other safety locking mechanisms on the door out of the child's reach."

DCS took custody of the children in the home, and the couple was arrested and charged with neglect for a second time.

"The person that's been reporting us, the reason why that this stuff's even in the news, this lady has been reporting us, he's had it out for us since we've moved here into Greenfield," Isaac Abraham said. "I'm just gonna call it what it is. There's not, there's not very many of us out here."

According to court documents, investigators said a neighbor called in a welfare check on all 3 children in May when the 11-year old, 9-year old and 2-year old were seen walking down the street unsupervised. In August, the DCS hotline received a report the toddler would be out in the neighborhood for hours and that law enforcement was called because the older children could not get in their home after school.

"The source said the girls were out at the neighbor's house for two hours after school. The source said Carrissa won't answer the door for anyone and has them all locked," the court document states.

"They didn't get locked out of the house. We were home and our t.v. was up, we were in the back, they got home a little early" Carrissa Abraham said.

The couple said they were trying to become foster parents and supposed to move in the next few weeks, but are now fighting to get their children back.

"Lord willing we get through this situation and we can move forward and something like this never happens again," Isaac Abraham said.