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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- Starting next week, 16,000 Hoosier drivers might no longer be able to register their vehicles in Indiana. That is because all of them are delinquent in paying tolls for crossing one of three bridges connecting Indiana and Kentucky, a total of $7 million.

It is also believed a lot of drivers might not even know they’re on the hook for these tolls. They should have received invoices in the mail, but Fox59 talked with one driver who said that is not always happening.

“I realized we haven’t gotten a statement from them, and we obviously didn’t pay to go over the bridge because they take a picture of your license plate,” said Amber Thomas, who drove over one of the bridges via I-65 in May as she and her husband were heading to Myrtle Beach for their honeymoon.

So she called River Link, the company that collects the tolls, and was told she owed $8 for two crossings, and $30 in late fees, along with a pending vehicle registration hold, which was set to go into effect in two weeks. However, she said she never received an invoice in the mail.

“They [River Link] said they had a mailing error, and I wasn’t the only one that has happened to,” said Thomas.

River Link waived her late fees, but other drivers might not be so lucky.

“We still have thousands of drivers on both sides of the river who owe these back tolls and that number is continuing to grow every day,” said Mindy Peterson, a spokesperson for River Link.

Starting next week, drivers with outstanding tolls could face a hold on their car registration. Peterson, though, said drivers should be notified well in advance of that happening.

“You will know. You will hear from us,” said Peterson, “You will have received at least four notices, and many times you would get a phone call as well.”

The company said they have seen no problems mailing out invoices and warnings, as long as a driver’s personal information is up-to-date in BMV records.

Thompson said her information is correct, but plans to avoid this confusion in the future.

“We will not be going back over the bridge,” said Thompson, “we’ll go into Ohio and back around if we have to.”

Cars that make just one trip across the bridge won’t be subject to a toll as it’s the return trip that triggers an invoice to be mailed. For more information, you can visit the River Link website or call their customer service number for help.