Juveniles crash stolen cars after running from police, IMPD says

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Police are investigating two separate vehicle pursuits on the east side, early Sunday morning.

Shortly after 2 a.m., IMPD and Beech Grove Police Department were involved in two different pursuits.

And the stolen vehicles were both connected to the same incident.

The two vehicles that led police on the chases were stolen from the same location.

And both of those chases ended in a crash.

One of the cars crashed into a house in the 200 block of South Emerson and then caught fire.

Devin Rahman, the person living in that house, woke up to the sound of the impact.

“My girlfriend and I were sleeping right here, and we woke up to a a very loud boom,” Rahman said. “I looked out the window to see this car on fire… I wanted to come out and look at it firsthand, but I was afraid the car was going to blow up.”

Another resident nearby, Kevin Thompson, said the impact of that crash physically shook his house.

“The impact hit so hard that my whole house shook,” Thompson said. “Yeah, it was pretty frightening.”

The other vehicle crashed in the 3000 block of East Raymond Street.

Two juvenile males were in each vehicle, and all four were taken to Eskanazi to be checked out.

None of them tried to flee after the vehicles crashed.

The investigation is ongoing.

We will update this story.